Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Ancient Taste

"[A] fascinating tour through Greek and Roman eating habits." The Guardian

"This learned and often amusing work will help to establish the importance of this field of study [food history]. Covering the period of antiquity from 750 BC to AD 200, it is a fruitful joint effort between a classicist, Wilkins, and Hill, a distinguished chef... By contrasting the ancient world with our own, this book shows how little human nature has changed in three millennia." BBC History Magazine

"A delight in every sense -- learned, but written with a real delight in its subject matter, packed with beguiling information and drawing cunning parallels between the ancient and modern food worlds." Matthew Fort, Food & Drink Editor, The Guardian

Product Description
In Food in the Ancient World, a respected classicist and a practising world-class chef explore a millennium of eating and drinking.

# Explores a millennium of food consumption, from c.750 BC to 200 AD.

# Shows the pivotal role food had in a world where it was linked with morality and the social order.

# Concerns people from all walks of life – impoverished citizens subsisting on cereals to the meat-eating elites.

# Describes religious sacrifices, ancient dinner parties and drinking bouts, as well as exotic foods and recipes.

# Considers the role of food in ancient literature from Homer to Juvenal and Petronius.

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